Tuesday, December 8, 2020 – A vocal Kenyatta University lecturer has castigated former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for attacking health care workers, who are planning to go on strike over poor working conditions and non-payment of their salaries.

Raila, who was speaking in Kisumu on Monday, urged doctors not to complain that they are dying of COVID-19 because even other Kenyans are dying.

“It’s not only doctors who are dying… we are also in a hard position economically… this is not the time to hold the government at ransom,” he said.

Raila’s comments sparked outrage among Kenyans who accused the former Premier of not being in touch with issues affecting common mwananchi.

Prof Edward Kisiangani, who is a KU lecturer, termed Raila Odinga as a heartless man, who has no respect for doctors.

Does it make sense that as Raila Odinga calls on doctors to be “understanding” and to stop pressing govt to improve the health sector, he also thinks there is money in this poor economy to execute his BBI referendum? Nothing can be more heartless,” Kisiangani wrote on his Twitter page.


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