Sunday, 06 December 2020 – City lawyer and politician, Karen Nyamu, has shared a cute photo babysitting her new-born baby and left her followers talking after revealing that she has named the baby after Mugithi singer, Samidoh.

A few months ago, word went round that Samidoh was behind Nyamu’s pregnancy.

It was alleged that the mellow voiced singer was engaged in an extra-marital affair with Karen Nyamu, which resulted in the pregnancy.

However, Samidoh rubbished the rumours and said that the youthful politician was just a close friend and an ardent fan.

He further said that he was forced to cut ties with Nyamu after people started speculating that they were dating.

On Saturday night, Karen posted a photo babysitting and revealed that her 2 months old baby is named Sam JR, a name coined from Samidoh.

“And It’s goodnight from Sam JR and mom,” she wrote.

Karen Nyamu’s fans started tagging Samidoh and congratulating him after his alleged baby mama posted the photo.

Reports indicate that Samidoh denied the pregnancy to save face since his big brand is rarely caught in controversies but he is the man who planted a live seed in Karen Nyamu’s womb.

We understand that they have been dating and their illicit affair almost wrecked Samidoh’s marriage after his young wife confronted him.

Here’s a photo of Karen babysitting Sam JR.


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