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“I munch your wife almost every weekend when you are away. I sometime do come to your place or she comes over to my place. You are not serious with her and that is why she opens her l*gs for me.”

My name is David and few days ago, I received this message from a man I don’t know. Well I have been suspecting that my wife is going out but I didn’t expect to reach to this extent.

Until I caught another man on top of my wife is when I said my instincts were right! And that was the most saddening scene I have ever encountered in my life. To make matters worse, the man I busted her with sent me the message above saying ‘I can go to hell if I am hurt’ and that he was going nowhere.

She started coming home very late and also left very early in the morning with the excuse of work. Our most trusted Uber driver would come for her in the morning and still dropped her in the evening.

She worked as a receptionist and so I could not understand how she would be late to come home. I tried snooping into her phone to see if she was seeing someone else other than me and I unfortunately did not come across any suspicious chat.

 “I do not understand why you have a problem with me working late. If you can’t handle this, then you would rather leave this marriage,” she faced me furiuosly.

One evening, when she came home at around 12AM, she thought I was dead asleep but I was not. I heard her call someone telling him he had arrived safe.

“Hi baby I am now home,” she said on phone. She was in the sitting room talking to the man and I overheard enough to tell that my wife was from a date and nothing else. They talked sexy stuff and I, resisted the urge to go and confront her immediately since I could have killed her with the anger I felt.

She then took a shower and slept. For me I could not sleep. I was absorbing the shock of my wife cheating on me. I woke up at 3AM due to the stress and went to the sitting room to ponder on the next move.

I searched on the internet how to handle a cheating wife and among the results, I saw a testimonial of a man who had caught his wife cheating. He sought services of Doctor Mugwenu’s to stop the nonsense.

I searched for Doctor Mugwenu and his contact details popped up. I called him and told him about what I was going through. He told me I had called the right person and assured he would help me.

Daktari cast a spell that would lock my wife to the man she was cheating with whenever they had intercourse.

I went back home and decided to go follow my wife in the evening to see who she was cheating with. After work, I saw her call our usual Uber guy and funny thing, I saw him drive her to a different route. As I was following them using my car, I saw them heading to lodging. They alighted and climbed up stairs. I approached the room and heard commotion of people mourning in sex pleasure.

“F*ck well I am hot like a dog,” my wife told him as he responded, “I want to screw you until you see blood”.

Interestingly in three minutes of their adventure I heard anther voice from the same room cry, “wooi tumegwamana aki nini inafanyika?” There screams attracted passers-by and a crowd milled around the room, broke the door and found the two stuck together.

My wife saw me from the bed and said, “nisamehe aki” but I took none of that nonsense. They were taken away by police before Dr. Mugwenu separated them later on through his distance healing services.  Do not be limited by location. You can get the help you need wherever you are through distance healing. Mugwenu Doctors say one of their greatest attributes is distance healing where you just have to focus on instructions and you will heal

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