My name is Stephen and about a month ago, my wife started denying me my conjugal rights and she even started being cold and mean towards me. I did not understand her reason because whenever I tried asking her what the problem was, she would not even talk to me.

Her behavior became so worse that she even stopped cooking and became very defiant. My efforts to even get our relatives to talk to her did not actually bore any fruits. She just became so worse and even told me she did not love me anymore.

I tried to be patient with her since we had a daughter and I did not want my family to break because despite all that, I still loved her a lot and hoped that she would change and become the most amazing woman I had known for all the years we had known each other.

However, three weeks ago, I came to understand why she had been so cold with me. I found out at around 3am, someone called her and since she was dead asleep and could not hear her phone ringing. I picked up the phone and a man called her babe and said it was time.

“Hey baby, come on, it’s time!” he said at once without knowing that it was me on the phone and not my wife. I did not know what he was actually telling my wife and I even got confused and shocked that I failed to ask him who he was.

He then disconnected the call and I knew something fishy was going on. Is it possible my wife is cheating on me with another man? I thought to myself and decided to investigate. Her phone however had a password and I therefore did not access her messages.

I woke up to think of how I would handle the situation and I decided to call my elder brother.  He heard my story and told me the way to catch my wife red-handed was to use Doctor Mugwenu’s spells to teach her lesson. He sent me his number and I called him and though it was so early in the morning, he picked up and I told him of my suspicions of my cheating on me.

He gave an appointment that early morning and when I met him, he cast the get stuck spell which would lock my wife to the man she was sleeping with and it would be a painful experience.

I went back home and waited for Doctor Mugwenu’s spell to handle for me the problems I was going through. I made supper that night since my wife had stopped cooking and even talking to me. She went to bed earlier than me and I joined her at around 10pm.

However, at 3am, I was awoken by screams from the neighbour’s house and I quickly rushed there to see what was going on. On reaching at his house, I was met by a horrifying scene of my wife and the neighbour having sex and they were both stuck after Doctor Mugwenu’s spells stuck them to each other.

All the neighbours came to see them and they were so embarrassed. They were later unstuck and the neighbours gave them a beating to teach them a lesson. My wife asked for forgiveness and swore that she would never repeat the mistake again and I decided to forgive her.

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