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My name is Emily and I was married to my husband for 10 years where we both had two children. My husband and I were busy people and we mostly relied on house helps to take care of our children since for my part, I left the house early and came back late in the evening since I worked as Manager in a hotel.

One day, our most trusted house girl whom we had lived with for three years quit her job after she was informed that her mother was sick in the village. After she left, I was really left helpless since my two children needed someone to prepare them to school and also pick them up in the evening.

Luckily, our last-born sister was doing nothing back at home since she had completed her course in salon training but had not yet gotten a job. My mother asked her to come and help me take care of my house chores before I got another house help.

She willingly came and few days after coming, she was really doing a good job with my family. I would come home from work and find she had already cooked, taken care of the children and even put them to sleep.

However, after two months of her coming to live with my family, I started noticing that she had become so close to my husband. I would come home from work and find the two of them watching a movie while sitting on the same sofa.

At first, I thought I was being petty until I found them one day after work kissing. I was almost opening the door when I peeped through the window and saw my sister sitting on my husband and they were both kissing. I froze, I could not believe what I had seen. I then heard them say that I was almost coming.

“It is almost your wife’s time of coming, just make sure you come to my bed in the middle of the night so that we can have our usual crazy sex,” my sister told my husband.

My heart beat so loud and I seriously thought I was in bad dream which I was about to wake up but again, I was in reality and the truth was that my husband and sister were having an affair under my nose.

I went back to the road to digest all that I had seen and tears started rolling down my cheeks. I called my mum and told her what had become of my sister. She was so shocked.

“My dear, don’t worry. I know how we can teach them a lesson. Just call Doctor Mugwenu and ask him for a sticking spell so that he can glue them together during their night sex escapade,” my mother suggested.

I took his number and called him and urgently asked for a spell that would stick my husband and sister together when they had their planned sex. I was so impressed that he immediately agreed to perform the spell on short notice.

Doctor Mugwenu assured me I would nab them when they had intercourse and that gave me comfort. I regained my composure after the call with the doctor and walked to my house. I lied to my husband and sister that I had a headache and I therefore went straight to bed.

I did not want to sit with them in living room and pretend everything was okay. My children were already asleep. Honestly, I could not sleep as I waited for Doctor Mugwenu’s spell to teach them a lesson. I heard them go in to my sister’s bedroom at around 11pm where they both started munching each other thinking I was asleep.

In a matter of five minutes, I heard both of them wail saying they were stuck. My chance had now come to nab them in the act of cheating. I went to my sister’s room and they almost died after I walked in. It was a horrific scene. They were naked and stuck at their genitals and in great pain.

They started asking for forgiveness. I was happy they were in pain since thy had learnt their lesson. An hour later after they went through agony, Doctor Mugwenu unstuck them. I chased my sister out of my house and later forgave my husband since I still wanted our marriage to thrive.

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