My name is Josephine and three weeks ago, I was a one devastated woman after I caught my husband red-handed having sex and shamelessly cheating on me with our house girl.

My husband and I had been together for three years and we had one son whom we all loved and it was because of his welfare that we thought of bringing onboard a house girl so as to make our son comfortable even when we were at work.

I was an accountant at a law firm and my husband on the other hand was a tour guide and so the nature of my job made me to spend more time in the office while my husband was working an 8-5 job and so he was always home first.

We got a house girl; her name was Nancy and she was pretty good with housework and also in taking care of our son. Two weeks after coming into our home, I was already trusting her since she was very polite, calm and also very diligent in her work. My two-year-old son was also loving her and developing a good relationship. Time went by, and I fully loved her and I would not worry even when I was at work.

I wish I knew I was trusting the devil because a month after she came over to my house, I started noticing some weird changes in her behavior, dressing and stuff. For instance, she started wearing very short dresses in my house and would time when my husband and I were having supper and she could come and bend over pretending to be mopping the floor.

I warned her against doing that, and the more I warned, the more she did it. I would even send her to the kitchen and she would outrightly refuse. I asked my husband to fire her and guess what he said? He said he liked her work and he did not therefore see any reason to sack her.

“The girl is good in taking care of our son, please, stop being petty and let her stay,” my hubby said.

I however came to find out that he did not say that in good faith after finding nude pictures of the Nancy in my husband’s phone a few days later. I took his phone to call my mother since I did not have credit and after the call, I perused through the gallery only to find her naked photos of her private part, boobs and even her behind.

I was shocked beyond words. I almost dropped dead but I managed to gain composure after a minute. It was obvious they were having an affair just under my nose.

I went outside and bought credit after finding the pictures and called my mum and I tearfully narrated what I had found in my husband’s phone. She was equally shocked and asked me to see Doctor Mugwenu in order to teach the two of them a lesson.

“My daughter, call Doctor Mugwenu on +254 740637248 and he will use his spell casting powers to stick the two together and they will never repeat the cheating again,” my mum said.

I followed her advice and after calling Doctor Mugwenu, he asked me to meet him at his work place in Nairobi for the spells. On meeting him, he performed various spells and one of them was a sticking spell where my husband and his lover would get glued at their genitals when having sex.

I went back home and that night after supper, I went to bed to sleep. However, at 3am in the morning I was awoken by loud screams coming from my maid’s room.

“We are stuck! Why can’t I have sex with you? ‘My machine’ is stuck in your pussy for real!”  I heard my husband’s voice scream.

On opening the room, I found them in great pain, stuck at their genitals and really scared to see me. My husband started asking me to forgive him and the house girl was already crying since she was in pain.

They were unstuck after sometime and I gave that shameless girl a beating and chased her out of our house. My husband cried for forgiveness for days and I decided to pardon him and we are currently working on our marriage.

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