Friday, 11 December 2020 – Former Classic FM presenter, Nick Odhiambo, revealed in a recent interview that he had decided to settle down with his baby mama.

Talking about this new marriage, the husky-voiced radio presenter and voice-over-artist joked that coronavirus pandemic forced him to get married.

According to Nick, who is a well-known party animal, the pandemic disrupted party life and since there was no place to go on weekends because of lockdown and curfew, he decided to start a family.

He had parted ways with his baby mama only to reconcile this year and once they ironed out their differences, they moved in as husband and wife.

 “Thanks to coronavirus I got married, I even have a five-month-old baby. This was a relationship from last year. Back then, things didn’t work. When coronavirus knocked, there was nowhere to go for the weekend so you just make up and become a family, “he revealed.

Nick added that they had not planned for the pregnancy of their 5-month-old baby.

Here are photos of the popular presenter, his wife, and daughter.


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