Wednesday, 23 December 2020 – Jackline Nzila, the woman who is accused of framing her ex-husband, Julius Wambua, by coaching their daughter, Mwende, when she was 12 years old, has divulged details of her abusive marriage to Mr Wambua.

Speaking during an interview with a local daily, Jackline revealed that she met Wambua in 1992.

According to Ms. Nzila, it was love at first sight but after 16 years of marriage, they parted ways.

She painted her ex-husband as an insecure and abusive man who controlled her like a remote.

He was so insecure that he would not allow her to interact freely with neighbors.

She was also forced to ask for permission anytime she wanted to go to church.

Nzila alleged that there was a day that Mr. Wambua threatened to kill her with a machete and that is when she decided to walk out of the abusive marriage.

“I put up with all the abuse but what broke our marriage was the day he repeatedly threatened to kill me using a machete.”

“That was the end.”

“I left, never to look back,” she said.

After parting ways with Wambua, she found another man, and she is now happily married.

Jackline, a mother of 5, currently works as a house help in Nairobi.


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