Wednesday, December 16, 2020 – Baringo Senator, Gideon Moi, smartly avoided spending his cash in Nyeri yesterday after residents demanded handouts from him during a rally.

The Senator was in Nyeri drumming up support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) when residents interrupted his speech to ask for handouts.

Also in attendance at the rally was Nyeri Senator Ephraim Maina, who the residents had previously asked for handouts. 

“Ephraim Maina and Jaguar have said that it is now time to give handouts.”

“Who is wealthier than Ephraim? No one, I heard that he is the super Senator and super pockets.”

“We are hiding our choppers on the runway while he brings his here to show who is the mighty one here,” joked Gideon and ended up not giving any handouts.

The KANU National Chairman has been touring the country as part of the BBI civic education drive ahead of the referendum.

The senator also distributed copies of the BBI document to the residents at the forum and encouraged them to read the document. 


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