Saturday, December 19, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has withdrawn the security detail of Garissa Woman Rep Anab Gure, accusing her of being a traitor.

This is after she posed with a Somalia flag and the portrait of President Mohamed Farmajo behind her, in what has been construed as her allegiance to Somalia.

A contingent of police officers were deployed around her estate after the security team was withdrawn.

Venting on social media, the vocal MP questioned why Uhuru’s Government was threatening her after withdrawing her security and why the police were unwilling to call her to record a statement if they had anything against her.

However, she vowed to remain steadfast and resist all forms of harassment and intimidation by the security forces.

“My security detail has been withdrawn today afternoon and recalled back under unclear conditions.”

“A contingent of police officers have also been seen in and around my estate the better part of today.”

“Even if you withdraw my security, I have Allah The Almighty to protect me against any harm.”

“I cannot be intimidated nor coerced by anybody.”

“I am available and can be summoned at any time of the week but not intimidations and arm-twisting. “

“We’re not in a police state.”

“Kenya is a sovereign country,” Anab stated.

The developments come days after Somalia cut all the diplomatic ties with Kenya, accusing Nairobi of interfering with her internal affairs.


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