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Free Essay Writing Guide for International Students

Are looking for opportunities with educational establishments outside your country? The admission is most likely to include the essay which may be a hard-nut-to-crack if English is not your native language. At the same time, it is pretty possible. Read this free essay writing guide which may greatly save your efforts and time.

From Where to Start?

Depending on the educational establishment you want to be enrolled in, there may be different requirements. First off, you should visit the official website of the chosen university, and find the admission page where all the requirements are specified. Beyond that, there should be documents to download where you may learn what type of essay to write. For instance, it may be a persuasive, argumentative, or even a short essay. If you have no idea about how to write them all, refer to a free paper writing service that will help you with it online, like academic experts from CustomWritings do online. Now, let’s check the steps involved in writing your essay.

Decide on the Topic

You may think that the topic is obvious because you need to persuade a university to take you, however, it is partially true. You should understand what you will talk about the most. The topic means your intentions and your advantages as a future student. You may speak of your successful projects, accomplishments, or even medals if you have any. Ensure to not make your essay a letter of boasting but show the examiners that you may help a university grow as well. Check the example of topics here.

Proceed with Outline

An outline is the skeleton of your essay. You should spend much time on it to understand what points are crucial and which ones are not necessary. The typical structure of the outline is a thesis, points for the main body of the essay, arguments, and conclusion. You should understand that a thesis is half of your success, as you draw the reader’s attention with the first sentences. Try to find a hook that will make examiners think that you are the best candidate. With the main body, you have to find 3-5 points that will describe your persona, and intentions. Afterward, you back them up with arguments. Finally, a conclusion is a simple summarization of your thesis.

Transfer Everything from Your Draft to Submitted Essay

When you are 100% sure of your outline efficacy, you may start writing your essay. Some students claim to rewrite their essays 5-10 times until they are fully satisfied, so it is fine if you come across the same situation. After finalizing your writing, here goes another stage – editing and seeking logic. Let’s find them out in detail with Dos and Don’ts.

Dos and Don’ts When Writing Essay

Below, there is a table of common advice and mistakes students should bear in mind before submitting their essays to the admission committee. 

Read other people’s essays
You may find hundreds of ready samples online posted by students who wanted to share their stories of success. 
Do not copy other people’s essays
When overlooking the samples, ensure to just overlook them as strange it may sound. Some students tend to copy-paste everything, and then end up failing the admission.
Think of your vocabulary
If you plan to enter any science faculty, you may plan your vocabulary accordingly. Add some scientific topical vocabulary, and show your awareness of some terms.
Do not use slang
If you want to impress the admission committee, you should refrain from using slang words. They won’t impress the examiners but only lower you among other candidates.
Make it short but precise

If you have to write an essay of 1000 words only, stick to that limit.
Do not overload your essay with words
If you do not know what to write, you’d better stop and think more about sentences. No need to add wordy phrases to achieve word count. Any examinator will consider it as laziness, and just a waste of their time.
Spend at least 1 day proofreading your essay, as some mistakes may not be visible to your tired eyes. Beyond that, find some online editors that will underline your mistakes.
Do not trust online editors in full
Some online editing sources like Grammarly are excellent, however, in case of any Internet failures, they may not show you all the mistakes, and you may end up thinking that everything is correct.
Ask your friends to read your essay
If you want to be 100% sure of the accuracy of your essay, ask your friends to read it and give you an independent and unbiased opinion about it.
Ensure your friends are sincere
Some friends or relatives who read your essay may end up saying only positive words just not to hurt you, so you should be very careful when receiving their feedback.

Finally, the last advice is to not lie about your persona. Yes, there are many success stories where students managed to create a fake story about themselves and be enrolled in universities. Nowadays, the situation is quite different, as the famous proverb says – the cat is out of the bag. Your professors may find out later that you have no idea about what you have written in the essay. So, try to be natural, and write only about your accomplishments. If you do not have them, try to persuade the committee that you are hard-working, and a fast-learning person who may achieve everything. No need to lie, but it is highly encouraged to persuade.

Summing Up Your Essay

Now, you are done with the basic steps involved in writing essays for international students. Remember, the best strategy is either to refer to ready samples that will give you a clue of how an essay should look like or turn to designated writing services that may help you with an excellent persuasive essay. It is up to you to decide, however, the admission happens not every month, and you may waste time, while your peers will study to achieve success.

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