Sunday, December 6, 2020 – Renowned CITAM Bishop, David Oginde, has told President Uhuru Kenyatta that he had abandoned the church in the process of passing the Building Bridges Initiative Constitutional Amendment Bill 2020. 

Speaking at a special service to welcome the new Presiding Bishop, Calisto Odede, yesterday, where Uhuru was also present, Oginde requested the president to allow the church room to support the BBI by incorporating their demands. 

He made his request comically, giving an example with a train, as ODM leader Raila Odinga has called the initiative on several occasions. 

 “There is a train of which you are a driver.”

“This train is supposed to take us into a better and more peaceful Kenya.”

“Unfortunately before we were ready, we heard that the train had left the station.”

“We were shocked,” he continued, referencing how the initiative was quickly gathering momentum.

He explained that Christians felt left out and stranded at the ‘station’ wondering how to catch up with the train. 

Oginde said that just as he would be forced to take a taxi to the next train station when left, his request that the church is involved was symbolic of the cab. 

“Your Excellency since the train has left, I have seen the church rather stranded at the station but today I have caught a taxi on their behalf.”

“I know this one moves faster because it is the Madaraka Express.”

“I have seen what has happened in four days,” he continued, referencing how the task force had received over 5 million signatures in just four days. 

“We are still hopeful we can catch this train and get into it as a church.”

“We have only a few pieces of luggage that we are bringing along.”

“Please do not let our seats go empty,” Oginde appealed, hinting that the church would like to submit its recommendations. 


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