Monday, December 21, 2020 – Nairobi Speaker Benson Mutura has been sworn-in as the interim Governor for the next 60 days following the ouster of Mike Sonko last week.

Mutura took the oath of office at the Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC) at around 10 am.

During the ceremony, which was conducted under heavy police presence, Mutura assured Kenyans that he was ready to commit to his work in serving the people of Nairobi.

“You have elected me to various positions in the city and I have never failed you.”

“This will not be the first time,” he said.

He promised to end the budget crisis in the county so that service delivery is realized.

Mutura was initially supposed to be sworn-in on Friday, but the ceremony had to be postponed after the magistrate who was to preside over the event arrived late.

The Nairobi Governor by-election will be held early next year, around February 15, 2021, which will be within 60 days of the Senate impeachment vote.

Sonko became the second governor to be impeached by the Senate after former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu in January 2020.


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