My name is Jessica and eight months ago, I lost my dad to a sudden heart attack and he did not even have time to say good bye to us because he just collapsed and died. It was such a tough moment for us especially our mother who had lost a man he had known for the longest time.

We buried him in a very emotional send off that left all of us hurt. However, three days after my father’s burial, we received a text message from one of my father’s brother. He said that he and his family were the rightful owner of all the properties that my father had left behind.

We thought he was joking until a week later, I received a very disturbing call from my mother who told me that my uncles, from my dad’s side had stormed into our home and demanded that she leaves since they wanted to in inherit the property since they were the rightful successors according to the will.

I did not understand what will they were talking about sbecause my dad had not written any since his death was sudden. I called my uncles and told them to stay away from my mother and our property since they were not the owners. We had a very bitter exchange in that call and they swore that they were going to leave us with nothing.

Their determination to grab our inheritance was truly worrying me but we had to remain firm with them to prevent them from grabbing what was rightful ours. My other siblings were also getting worried about my mother’s safety since we were all far from my mom.

The worst happened when my mother called us when she was very distressed. She was crying saying that my uncles had beaten her. We rushed home and found that my uncles had beaten her and thrown her out our house and they locked it.

We were so furious since my mother was badly hurt by them and her eyes were even red in colour. The only thing I wanted to do was to go to my uncles’ homes and kill each, one by one, for laying their hands on our mother who was still mourning my dad.

I took my mother to my house in Nairobi and a day later, we received a call from the neighbours who told us that one of my uncles had taken out all our home stuff and moved in with his family. My mom almost collapsed upon hearing that.

My elder brother was so mad on how our uncles had become greedy people. He told us that he had a solution on how to avenge my uncles for beating up my mother and also for disinheriting us.

“I have called a certain traditional herbalist going by the name Doctor Mugwenu who assured me he was able to restore our property back to us and also teach our uncles a solution,” my brother said.

The next day, my brother took us to the traditional herbalist since he had booked an appointment with him. On arrival, he cast a spell of plagues to each of my uncles that beat up my mother.

He further assured us that his spells work swiftly. Sure enough, the next morning, the uncle who had moved into our house was the first to call us and he was crying because all members of his family had fallen sick and were almost dying. He also said he was feeling very weak and acoustic voices were ordering him to return our house.

One by one they called, begging for forgiveness saying the different plagues of disease that had visited them. We told them to stay away from my dad’s property and we should never ever see them again. They agreed to the conditions and from that day they have never dared to call us again and my mother got back her house.

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