By Susan Khainza

2020 has been, without a doubt, one of the most eventful years. It has been a been one breaking story after another. At the centre of all these events has been the outbreak and spread of the Corona Virus; that sent several nations into a state of panic and helplessness.

Whereas the popular sentiment is “no one saw it coming! No one could have predicted that 2020 would go this way,” it couldn’t be further from the truth. To claim that “no one saw it coming” is to insinuate that either God went mute or He lost interest in the affairs of this world and has thus abandoned men to their own devices.

The truth in fact is that God still speaks; Amos 3:7 “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets” has never been truer than it has been this year.

In the heart of Kampala; the capital city of Uganda is a Prophet of God; a man approved of God through an unmatched record of prophetic fulfilments. On the 7th of January, 2020, Prophet Elvis Mbonye, before a congregation of thousands, foretold several events many of which detailed the national and international events that would be in 2020.

From the US-Iran tensions at the beginning of the year that many had predicted would turn into world War 3, to the romantic life of Boris Johnson blooming, the implementation of 14 days as the official quarantine period for the Corona virus, Kamala Harris being chosen as Joe Biden’srunning mate, most of the prophecies given on 7th January 2020, have come to pass with startling accuracy.

But perhaps what boggles the mind the most is a prophecy given in 2018 about what was to come in 2020. In the said prophecy, Prophet Elvis Mbonye discloses the secret agenda of nations as they gathered and made plans to gain control of the world and hand it over to the god of this world.

The Prophet also reminds the Church of their position in such a time as this; cautioning each and every child of God to stand in their authority as the restraining power of God.

In a year that has been largely characterized by panic, anxiety and uncertainties; the pinpoint accuracy with which the prophecies by Prophet Elvis Mbonye were fulfilled sends a clear message that the future ought not to be a mystery. The Lord has afforded us a beacon of light and a voice of hope through His chosen vessel; Prophet Elvis Mbonye.  The onus to heed this voice and follow this burning light lies fully with us. To ignore it would be to simply spell out doom, peril and destruction.

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  1. #ProphetElvisMbonye is a man approved of God with miracles signs and wonders and he is also the only man on earth past present with a stunning record of fulfilled prophecies in his lifetime all come to pass while he is alive and among these prophecies many were made about 2020 in 2018 as seen in the documentary broadcast airing this Christmas at 6pm titled do you see what I see? You definitely don’t want to miss out

  2. I am in awe of the precision of Prophetic fulfillment. Prophet Elvis Mbonye is unmatched, unprecedented. The things he see, no man, no Prophet or physic can predict. Who knew Boris Johnson would be engaged to Carrie?or that Joe Biden would win the Democratic party ticket in the USA after Bernie Sanders was leading the race. All Prophet Elvis Mbonye said was he saw a feminine figure who was the main influence of the party. No one could predict that. Who knew covid 19 would erupt in the world? All Prophet Elvis Mbonye said 14 days sick leave. Prophecy can be encrypted sometimes. These and countless prophetic fulfillment. God is interested in the affairs of the world.

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