Wednesday, 02 December 2020 – Dramatic scenes were witnessed after a man busted his wife cheating and taught her a lesson that she will never forget any time soon.

According to reports, the man trailed his philandering wife after learning that she was in the company of her clandestine lover.

The aggrieved man accosted his wife driving her mpango wa kando in a car that he had bought for her.

The jilted husband, who was breathing fire and baying for his wife’s blood, beat her like a squirrel and then torched her car.

His wife’s clandestine lover managed to escape during the melee.

A video shared online shows the woman’s car bursting into flames as passersby watched in shock.

The man is said to have left his wife writhing in pain after attacking her and reducing her car to scrap metal.

Watch video.


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