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Sunday, December 13, 2020 – Lurambi MP Titus Khamala has urged the youth not to shy away from starting families just because they don’t have good jobs.

Khamala, who spoke in Kakamega county on Saturday, December 12, said many young people were “wasting time” seeking economic stability before starting families yet “money was not the main pillar” in marriage.

The lawmaker also took the chance to lash out at men who were siring children with several women but when asked to start a family, they stepped back stating they don’t have jobs.

Using his experience as an example, the legislator said when he married 26 years ago, he had nothing, lived in a grass thatched house and worked as a sand harvester.

“When I got married, I had no job. I was working as a sand harvester.”

“But my wife and I have walked the journey to where we are now.”

“So, there should be no reason why you are lagging behind in starting a family.”

“Some men keep saying this yet they impregnate women.”

“They give all sorts of reasons, yet they are good at making women pregnant.”

“This is funny! Haven’t you heard about such cases?” The MP, who is also a pastor posed.

His remarks came at a time when it is emerging many young people are giving marriage a wide berth since it is widely believed that marriage without financial stability may not be enjoyable.


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