Saturday, November 5, 2020 – Former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, has urged Deputy President William Ruto to stop taking Kenyans in circles and declare his stand on Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)

Speaking when he received over 5 million signatures for BBI in Nairobi on Friday, Raila said Ruto should state his position on the looming referendum without blackmailing others who support the document.

“If you have the numbers, then let the ballot decide; we shall accept defeat and you should also be ready to accept if we defeat you,” said Raila.

The DP has been at loggerheads with some of the promoters of the document, saying they are keen on shutting the door on consensus.

 Raila said there is nothing like a non-contested referendum as Ruto and his allies are proposing.

 He said referendums across the world are between a yes or a no vote.

“There is nothing like a non-contested referendum.

“Referendum by its nature must have those opposing it and those supporting it,” Raila said.


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