Thursday, December 10, 2020 – Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Eugene Wamalwa, is a marked man owing to the recent event that has tainted his image.

According to sources, President Uhuru Kenyatta is reportedly angry with Wamalwa for helping an international conman by the name, Dr. Nelson Sechere, to meet him at the State House.

Wamalwa foolishly led Sechere to meet Uhuru during the recent State House event, oblivious of the conman’s ill intentions.

The conman, who markets himself as an international fundraising expert, wanted to use the State House event to woo international investors on the ground that he is politically well connected and can help them land lucrative business deals with the Government.

The con, after the State House briefing that saw him donate a bus to AFC Leopards Football Club, has conned prominent Kenyans millions of shillings using Uhuru’s name.

Not spared are the gullible Chinese investors who have lost millions of shillings to CS Wamalwa’s scammer.


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