Thursday, 10 December 2020 – Tanzanian singer, Ben Pol, has revealed that some well-known celebrities have been sending flirty messages to his pretty wife, Anerlisa Muigai.

Speaking during an interview with Mildred Ayo of Ayo TV, the mellow voiced singer disclosed that the seedy DMs come from well-known artists, producers, and actors.

They send the messages to his beautiful wife hoping that she will respond, although they know well she is married.

However, Pol said that the flirty DMs that his wife receives frequently from thirsty celebrities don’t bother him.

“It doesn’t bother me because you are dealing with your wife and not with outside forces. The only problem is when they change or when you start fighting with the outside forces, which drains your energy. You will not think about gifting your lover with flowers because your sole focus will be fighting them,” he said.

Last year, the singer named Harmonize, Shetta, and Khaligraph Jones as some of the celebrities that he had seen sliding into his wife’s DM.

However, Harmonize denied claims that he was flirting with Anerlisa. 

He said that he knew Anerlisa even before she started dating Ben Pol.

“As a gentleman, when you hear such things, it’s not good to address them in public. There are some things when you speak of them in the media, they are bound to ruin relations. He should have told me ‘bro, my wife told me this and that’. I would have told him that the stories are not true, “he said.

“I knew Ben Pol’s woman before they met. I’ve known her for about three years now.

I’m not stupid to see them in a relationship then start texting her. I don’t work like that, I’m not that stupid”, Harmonize added.



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