Thursday, December 3, 2020 – KANU chairman, Gideon Moi, has dismissed Deputy President William Ruto’s call for a consensus on Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), saying the train has already left the station.

Speaking on Thursday, while drumming up support for the report in Embu County, Gideon, who is also the Baringo Senator, said Ruto should know that BBI consensus was done in the last two years when the BBI team was collecting views across the country.

The KANU boss urged Ruto to either say he supports or opposes the BBI report instead of confusing his fellow ‘hustlers’.

 “You should declare your position instead of wasting time flip-flopping, “Gideon said.

On the issue of having a ‘win-win’ referendum, Gideon said a referendum across the world is between a Yes or a No vote.

“The referendum is either yes or no vote, there is nothing like win-win in a referendum unless somebody is living on another planet,” Gideon said.


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