Friday, 11 December 2020 – Flamboyant city preacher, Kathy Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Centre (JCC), has taken to social media and narrated how she has struggled in life with her husband for the last 26 years that they have been married.

Although Kathy and her husband live a fancy life that always courts controversy, they were once homeless.

The decorated preacher revealed that there was a time that they were being housed by a widow with their two daughters.

At that time, they slept on the floor with their kids and couldn’t afford even school fees.

Kathy revealed although her husband was as broke as a church mouse, she didn’t disrespect him even for a single day.

She stuck with him through thick and thick since she was his vision.

“We were being housed by a widow and couldn’t afford even school fees and were sleeping on the floor in the same room with our two girls then. We couldn’t function at the junction and became like sister and brother. We kept saying the first stop when God comes through will be a hotel. Those who think it’s for food ur right as well.

“All this while I never changed how I treated him and never disrespected him one day. I kept seeing the vision. We have built for the last 26 years and are still building coz I believe with all my heart that what I saw in him has not manifested fully. Keep watching this space,” she wrote.


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