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A rogue man of cloth was almost dead after he was busted with someone’s wife enjoying hot lungula.

The shocking incident happened at Matioli village in Kakamega, eliciting sharp reactions from locals who seemed irked.

The man angered, he descended on the pastor with fists but the pastor fought hard for his life and managed run away in shorts leaving behind his shirt, pair trousers and shoes.

The husband by the name Grey, works in a petrol station in Kakamega Town, on the particular day he came back home earlier as he had asked for permission to seek medication. He was not feeling well.

“I have been hearing rumors that my wife has been having a sexual affair with the pastor but I never believed. For the last three years, she has never cheated on me.” Grey said furiously.

After giving her thorough beatings, Grey sent her away saying she is a whore whom he cannot live with.

“The pastor only reads King Solomon Verses whenever he is preaching in our homes, a woman from the area divulged.

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