Friday, November 12, 2020 – Wema Sepetu has disclosed that she was invidious and resentful when Diamond moved on with Zari.

She revealed further that Zari and Diamond’s love affair affected her badly.

She said that she felt Zari was living a life that was meant for her after she went on and married a man who she loved and even had babies with him.

She says Diamond was only meant for her.

“I used to look at Zari like she was living a life that was meant for me.”

“So it hurt, just seeing Tiffah being born.”

“But it’s just life,” Wema said.

Sepetu added saying that when she saw Zari carrying Diamond’s child, it broke her into pieces leaving her mentally affected.

“The first, second month and Zari was already pregnant.”

“It tormented me for a long time, almost a year,” she added.

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