Friday, November 13, 2020 – Wema Sepetu, Diamond’s ex-lover, has disclosed that she carried out a blood covenant with Diamond when the two were together.

She said that they undertook a ‘bond in blood’ by licking each other’s blood and making specific promises.

“‘We took an oath that involved blood.”

“We pricked each other’s fingers then attached both our wounds to exchange blood.”

“We confessed that we are now one and we will protect each other.”

“Then he licked his finger and I did mine,” she said.

Wema also revealed how her relationship with Diamond was special and how he meant everything to her

“Diamond is a man that worships love.”

“He was like my baby, I mean totally like my own,” she added.

However, many believe the actress cum model is jealous and not happy and she is just trying to create confusion now that Zari is back


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