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Wednesday, 04 November 2020 – A producer at Radio Africa’s Kiss FM has narrated how it’s expensive for covid-19 patients to seek hospital services.

The producer, who is known as Spencer, tested positive a few months ago and when he was admitted to the hospital, he spent a total of Sh 500,000 within 10 days.

Spencer was admitted to a public hospital and each day, he used to pay Ksh 50,000.

It’s even more expensive when you are admitted to a private hospital.

I spent half a million as I was in the hospital for 10 days. 

“So that saw me spend ksh50,000 a day and it was a public hospital. They will give you oxygen, an isolation room etc. There is no treatment, they give you supportive medicines. Checking oxygen levels and things like that,” Spencer said during an interview with Kamene Goro and Jalang’o on Kiss Breakfast.

 His brother also tested positive for the dreaded virus and since he was in a critical condition, he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

He was admitted to the ICU for weeks and after he was discharged, the total hospital bill stood at Ksh 4 Million.

In total, Spencer and his brother spent a total of Ksh 4.5 Million.

“My brother also had COVID-19 and was in ICU for weeks and at the end of it we spent like 4 million for his treatment. An ICU room is like a hotel room, you pay every day and everything you use even a serviette it is being charged. For both of us, we spent 4.5 million to treat COVID-19,” he added.


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