Wednesday, November 4, 2020 – Treasury Cabinet Secretary, Ukur Yatani, has said the government will not shut down the economy again even as coronavirus cases go through the roof.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, Yatani said the economy had already contracted when cessation of movement and tax relief measures were announced by the government, which have starved the state of the much-needed revenue.

“Total closure of the economy cannot work. It’s difficult. The people have to work and have to place food on the table.

“They cannot do that when the economy is shut,” CS Yatani said.

He noted that the economy has to be kept afloat and called on Kenyans to adhere to the precautions advised by the government at a personal level and proposed that the government should reduce activities considered to be quickening the spread of the disease.

“We propose to the government to strike a balance so that we reduce the spread of the disease but keep the economy running at the best of its capacity,” he said.


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