Wednesday, November 25, 2020 – Organizers of the flopped Naifest Concert, held a few weeks ago, are in trouble after a video of rogue bouncers beating a teenage reveler surfaced.

The teenage reveler, who is identified as Shanty, was reportedly beaten by the bouncers and left to die.

 His body was found in the city mortuary two weeks after he was reported missing.

It’s still not known who took his body to the mortuary.

Faded socialite Bridget Achieng, who was one of the organizers of the flopped concert, defended her team against allegations that they were responsible for the death of the teenager.

Bridget alleged that they rescued the deceased after he was involved in a physical confrontation with another reveler and took him to the hospital.

 But this video that has surfaced shows bouncers assaulting the deceased during the concert.

Watch it here.

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