Sunday, November 8, 2020 – Former Nairobi Woman Representative, Rachael Shebesh has warned Kiambu County residents against disrespecting President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking on Saturday when she drummed up support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report, Shebesh noted that the people are being disrespectful yet President Uhuru Kenyatta might be the last Kikuyu president they will have in a long time to come.

“You can take this to the bank. I don’t know when you will see another Kikuyu president. Continue disrespecting president Uhuru Kenyatta but just know the same BBI you don’t want is aimed at solving this problem,” Shebesh said.

She also cautioned Mt Kenya residents that even if they reject BBI it will still pass because Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta have good numbers.

She said that by looking for Raila Odinga, Uhuru was not mad and they should therefore stop their bad behaviour of not giving the Head of State the respect that he deserves.

“Naskia uku ndo hamuezi sikiza mkubwa, let me tell you the trouble you will suffer is a lot, how can you disrespect the president? 

“And yet he is from here?” Shebesh posed.


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