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Sunday, November 22, 2020 – The looming Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) referendum has pitched Deputy President, William Ruto, against former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, with both pulling in different directions ahead of 2022.

While Raila insists the report will be tabled at the county assemblies as presented by the BBI taskforce three weeks ago, Ruto, who initially opposed the report, is leading a group pushing for consensus.

In his recent tweets, Ruto noted that he was pushing for a non-contested referendum, which he said was possible to ensure a win-win situation.

“Consensus was, is and will continue as our position.”

“Pushing those with alternative/better ideas to oppose BBI is raw arrogance which negates any bridge-building efforts.”

“Jubilee MPs only take instructions from the electorate.”

“Our focus must be the ravaging Covid-19,” Ruto tweeted yesterday.

A few days ago, he had tweeted that he would not give up on consensus, “not when there is a real possibility for a win-win consensus beckoning.”

He said a ‘yes-no’ contest will lead to a ‘lose-lose’ outcome that is unnecessary and unwarranted.

But Raila is hell-bent on a ‘yes-no’ contest, as a curtain-raiser for the 2022 elections.

As calls for consensus mount, Raila is asking those opposed to the BBI report to join the no camp and prepare for a contest.

“Let us go to the people, let the people decide by democratically expressing their views.”

“I am sure Kenyans will decide by making a good decision that favours them,” he said after meeting governors from Nyanza and Western regions at the Ciala Resort in Kisumu.

The two politicians are trying to edge out each other ahead of the 2022 General Election as they seek to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.


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