Wednesday, 11 November 202 – Keroche heiress, Anerlisa Muigai, has revealed what she is doing so that she can keep the memory of her late sister, Tecra, alive.

Tecra died under mysterious circumstances this year while in the company of her aging beach boyfriend.

The beautiful heiress disclosed that she is losing weight so that she can be the same size as her late sister.

To keep her sister’s memory alive, she wants to lose weight and attain the petite figure that her late sister had.

She wants when her family sees her, they see the image of the late Tecra.

“My family and I miss Tecra so much that I promised I’ll lose weight to her size so every time they look at me, they see her but when I speak, they hear my voice. God bless us all,” she wrote on Instagram.

The flashy heiress, who is married to Tanzanian singer Ben Pol, has been sharing her weight loss journey on Instagram.

She has cut weight down to 62 kilograms.


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