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Tuesday, 03 November 2020 – Blogger Edgar Obare has narrated how he was kidnapped outside Kiambu Law Courts by men he believes to be DCI officers.

Obare was kidnapped on Monday when he appeared in court for the mention of a case against YouTube sensation Natalie Tewa and Governor Joho.

He revealed that the mention was supposed to happen virtually but he was ordered to appear in court physically.

When he arrived at the court, he was approached by three men in plain clothes that he believes are DCI detectives.

They bundled him into a waiting car without informing him where he was being taken to.

After he was bundled into the car, he was handcuffed, blindfolded and a hood put over his head.

He was then ordered to unlock his phone, an order that he declined.

They drove for a distance and after sometime, the car stopped and the alleged DCI officers changed the car’s number plates.

When the alleged DCI officers were changing the car’s number plate, Edgar chatted with the driver who was friendlier and he informed him that there were plans to add more charges.

When he peeped through the mask, he saw some AK-47 rifles.

Back in the car, the kidnappers questioned him on the nature of his work as they drove towards Thika Road and when he refused to answer, they rained kicks and blows on him with his hands tied behind his back with a rope.

They then removed his clothes and took a photo of his ‘mjulubeng’ after giving him water that was reportedly laced with a drug.

After they were done with their evil mission, they threw him to a thicket with his hands still tied and blindfolded before vanishing.

Edgar was saved by a Good Samaritan who fed and clothed him.

He then took a taxi back to Nairobi.

Here are photos of how he was tortured.


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