Thursday, 12 November 2020– A man has excited Netizens after he narrated about his Subaru Legacy BH5 that he sold at a throw-away price.

The car was involved in a tragic accident one week after he bought it and immediately he got the car out of the garage, he was hijacked and a good sum of money stolen from him.

The man went on to narrate other incidences where the car left him wondering whether it was jinxed.

He recounted how the car embarrassed him during his cousin’s wedding when he was ferrying bridesmaids after it developed a mechanical problem, forcing the maids to use a matatu. 

A mechanic offered him Ksh 200,000 and since he wanted to get rid of the jinxed car, he accepted the offer.

The buyer sent him Ksh 15,000 through Mpesa and he gave him the car immediately.

However, the jinxed Subaru didn’t even get home.

It had an engine knock on the way and after the mechanic fixed the engine, he hit a traffic cop and spent a month in prison.

He decided to give the mechanic the logbook and never demanded the balance.

Check out his interesting post about the jinxed car.


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