Sunday, 08 November 2020 – Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu has landed in trouble after the promoter of the flopped Gengetone Festival threatened to sue him and his fellow Gengetone artists for breaching the contract.

Joe Muteti, the promoter of the flopped event that sparked a lot of reactions on social media, revealed that Raburu was the highest-paid.

According to Joe, he paid the energetic presenter and MC a down-payment of Ksh 65,000 and promised to pay the balance after the event.

Raburu was supposed to receive Ksh 130,000 in total but trouble started after he ganged up with other Gengetone artists and demanded to be paid their money in full before they stepped on stage.

“Before booking an artist, I paid each artist 50% deposit and most of our agreement was balance due after event. 

“They then ganged up and insisted on payment upfront. I remember during morning hours most of them had contacted me in need of transport which I sent them via Mpesa. What they did, was not fair at all,” Muteti said during an interview with a local site.

The promoter further revealed that he paid Zero Sufuri Sh 40,000 before the event and promised to pay the balance after the event as indicated in the contract but he failed to perform. For the Ochunglo family, they were paid Sh 45,000 as a down-payment, and just like Willis Raburu and Zero Sufuri, they refused to perform and demanded to be paid in full before they got on stage.

 The promoter said that he is drafting demand letters that will be served to all the artists who received down-payments and refused to perform.


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