Tom is known to live life with a big spoon and drives classy cars whenever he tours his Village in Chuka.

Unfortunately, despite having attained marriage age with all his agemates already settled down with their spouses, he is yet to find a partner.

Those who know details about him claim that he must be forty five years old by now but not dating anyone.

Last year, we could see him drive around with a light-skinned Luo lady and thought he was destined to marry her until recently when she was nolonger accompanying him. Something must have gone wrong again!

“He dates beautiful, educated and financially stable women who turn against him at the very last hour. We cannot tell what happens,” his friend disclosed.

He is a man no doubt, any woman would wish to settle down with since he is not still struggling as some of us are but what happens in between his dates no one knows.

But his struggles with marriage life is evident to a point he has resorted to spending a lot of his time in bar drinking.

“He drinks a lot nowadays and we think it’s out of these frustrations,” the friend said triggering a family meeting to help find a lasting solution for him.

One of us then reckoned we can force a woman on him; as another proposed that we force him enter into salvation. Both ideas were good but not quite practical at the moment.

It was in the second meeting that we thought of going the traditional way. We suggested a traditional approach and Doctor Mugwenu’s name popped in our minds.

When we engaged his services, Dr. Mugwenu did marriage spell casting services which enabled Tom to get woman.

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