Friday, November 20, 2020 – Zari Hassan is infuriated with one of Diamond Platinumz’s managers, Ricardo.

This is after a disparaging interview in which Ricardo Momo made appalling claims regarding how the two love birds, Diamond and Zari, met.

In the interview, Ricardo insinuated that Zari was desperate to be with Diamond at the time when he was going through a bad break up with his ex-girlfriend, Wema Sepetu.

He went ahead and said that Zari was after Diamond’s money and fame and this is what exasperated Zari even more.

Zari responded to these claims through her Instagram page saying that when she approached Diamond, it was all about business and nothing personal.

She told Ricardo to stop chasing clout with far-fetched assertions but instead get his facts straight.

“Ricardo next time get your facts right without chasing clout for likes and comments.”

“Don’t trash my name for likes.”

“When I texted him it was for a white party and I was going to pay him because I had money before even I met him,” said Zari.

She defended herself and claimed that it was actually Diamond who was interested in her and through his persistence, they finally met and the rest was history.


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