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Saturday, 14 November 2020 – Slay queen city pastor, Lucy Natasha, has been displaying a flamboyant lifestyle which can be compared to that of a movie star.

The youthful pastor, who grew up in Mathare Slums in dire poverty, moves around with a flashy entourage and heavily built bodyguards as if her life is in danger.

For the past few days, Netizens have been discussing the opulence that she is displaying in Nigeria, where she jetted with her Oracle Team for a preaching mission.

Natasha’s source of wealth has for a long time been a subject of discussion on social media.

Anytime she is asked about her source of wealth, she beats around the bush.

Popular blogger Abraham Mutai has hinted where sexy pastor Natasha gets her money from.

According to Mutai, the light-skinned and curvy pastor is involved in the dirty business of money laundering and ‘wash wash’.

Mutai says that Natasha uses her church ministry to cover her dirty businesses.

Natasha is a close friend of con prophet Shepherd Bushiri, a notorious fraudster, who masquerades as a man of God.

Natasha once described con-prophet Shepherd Bushiri as her mentor.

“Rev Lucy Natasha a conduit of illicit money, laundering and wash. She runs her church as a front business, uses her beauty strategically to hold hostage men who flock her church helplessly salivating at her heavy behinds. 

“It’s so easy to fool Kenyans, especially Christians”, Mutai exposed the sexy Reverend and left no stones unturned.


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