Saturday, November 14, 2020 – DJ Mo and Size 8 showered their son with love on Thursday this week as he turned one and shared it with their fans.

Size 8 took her time to disclose through her Instagram page about the struggles she went through and how she almost lost her son after he was born but God saved his life.

‘Happy 1st birthday @muraya.jnr. Am in tears but this time tears of joy. Look at God. This pregnancy was not easy I almost died and was having multiple acute strokes due to extreme preeclampsia and strange neuron functions being put on oxygen and magnesium to save both my life and @muraya.jnr. Through C-section, he was born 34wks straight to the ICU and the 2nd night in the ICU he almost died now look at my God HALLELLUJAH who be like Jesus!’ wrote Size 8.

DJ Mo also shared photos of their son and asked God to bless and protect him as he starts another year on this beautiful earth.

‘Happy birthday son @ Muraya. Jnr. You are a fighter… and so. May the lord give you favor, true happiness, surround you with peace and prosperity. May Almighty protect you from eyes and plans of evildoers,’ he wrote.

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