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Tuesday, November 3, 2020 – Renowned blogger and human rights activist, Robert Alai, has unmasked former NASA CEO, Norman Magaya, who on Monday claimed the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party has neglected him.

Magaya took to Twitter on Monday and revealed how ODM and its party leader, Raila Odinga have neglected him despite fighting tooth and nail for Raila in the 2017 presidential election.

The last time Magaya was seen in public was in September 2019, when he flew to India for specialised medical treatment after developing a heart attack.

He had been admitted at the Nairobi Hospital before being flown to India.

On Monday, Magaya said he was in a dire situation and could not keep silent anymore.

“As the true son of my late father and mum, I shall not beg! To hell be the consequences, am ready! Enough of tormenting me and my innocent kids! I have no duty to please anyone. Worst are the allies who pray to see one’s downfall! Enjoy it all! Damn the consequences! Goodbye world!” Magaya tweeted.

However, Alai has dismissed Magaya’s claims and said ODM Party has been paying him Sh 300,000 monthly but he is living beyond his means.

“The story of Norman Magaya is sad. The guy is trying to live a life he can’t afford. ODM pays him Ksh 300,000 per month. He decided to go live in Runda in a house he pays Ksh 1m every quarter. Then took an AFC loan but the wife used it to pay for plastic surgery. Joker!!,” Alai wrote on his Twitter page on Monday evening.


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