Saturday, November 7, 2020 – Police have launched a manhunt for a suspect who audaciously sought to fulfill his urge of smoking bhang outside the gate of a police station in Kericho County. 

The suspect, believed to be a male youth, dared to tug on superman’s cape as he lit the roll of bhang and began blowing puffs of smoke in the air.

The suspect, donning a black shirt and trousers, had pulled his facemask to his chin as he went on smoking the weed.

County Police Commander Silas Gichunge stated that police officers are determined to bring the suspect and his counterpart to book owing to the fact they made a mockery of the station.

“We must bring the suspect and the accomplice to book.”

“Their sheer audacity is unacceptable.”

“The fight against drug and alcohol abuse is on,” he said.

If caught, the suspect will be fined Ks1 million or three times the market value of the drug coupled with life imprisonment.


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