Wednesday, November 11, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader, Raila Odinga, yesterday failed to honour their commitment to attend a meeting in Naivasha, that was hosted by Governors and MCAs.

The meeting was meant to build a consensus on the controversial Building Bridges Initiative report, which has divided the country right in the middle.

In the Governors and MCAs forum, the leaders agreed to push for amendments into the BBI report, in regards to finance, security, representation among other issues. 

They recommended that the Senate should be strengthened by ensuring that it has veto powers on all bills.

They agreed that the position of Deputy Ministers to be introduced and its occupants should be picked from Parliament.

Governors suggested that money should be disbursed to counties within 14 days of the approval of the formula by Parliament.

“We propose that in addition to the 35% all monies held by parastatals in National Government departments performing devolved functions be transferred to counties,” the document read. 

In terms of deputy governors, the county bosses decried that they should not be compelled to pick deputies of the opposite gender.

“To speed up the flow of funds to the counties, we propose that the Office of the Controller of Budget is decentralized to all the 47 county governments,” the leaders proposed. 

“County Governments to be involved in security matters at both national and county level in the National Security Advisory Council and implement the County Policing Authority,” the forum suggested.

The leaders recommended that a pension fund be established for governors, deputy governors, county speakers and MCAs and other county state officers, as is the case with the president, deputy president, speakers, MPs, and state officers at the national level.


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