Monday November 16, 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto is seeking to stop the next phase of the Building Bridges Initiative by all means necessary.

According to sources, Ruto wants the process of collecting signatures halted until proposed changes to the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report are made.

Without making direct reference to the move announced yesterday by proponents of BBI, Ruto took to his Twitter handle to call for a stop to all activities to allow the country to focus on fighting Covid-19.

“The wave of Covid-19 is clearly ravaging our nation with alarming increases in infections and deaths.”

“The pandemic is killing people including health workers while destroying livelihoods.”

“We should stop everything and mobilise every human, material and financial resource to fight,” he posted.

However, his allies were more direct and questioned the “hurried process” of signature collection saying the entire process was bound to fail.

Led by Nandi Senator, Samson Cherargei, the DP’s allies said it was unfortunate that the plan to subject the document to a referendum had started even before Kenyans had read and understood it.

“The BBI document hasn’t been circulated to all Kenyans to read and understand it comprehensively.”

“Why the hurry, intimidation and blackmail in this process looks mischievous,” he added.

Cherargei warned that if amendments were not allowed, BBI will fail. 

Molo MP, Kuria Kimani, demanded to know what the signatures being collected were for.

“The president recently said there is a need to accommodate the emerging divergent views and have them harmonised.”

“That is yet to be concluded,” he asked.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga announced the next phase of the BBI, which includes collecting signatures, starting this week.


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