Monday, November 30, 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto has called for a crisis meeting of his allies, to find a common stand on the controversial Building Bridges Initiative.

According to sources, Ruto has hired experts to break down the BBI amendments to his allies during the meeting.

The team of experts which was hired after the launch of the BBI signature drive at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre last week, will take the leaders through various amendments to the constitutional bill.

The experts are also expected to isolate all contentious issues to enable them to give guidance to their supporters.

“Yes, we are going to meet with the Deputy President at his home in Karen, where we are going to take a position on this BBI after hearing from our experts,” said a Central Kenya MP, who is allied to Ruto.

This comes even as Ruto on Friday signaled a change of heart about the BBI document.


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