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My friend and who is also a colleague I work with at our company in Mombasa had been complaining about their village neighbor who has been stealing their land by moving the fence every now and often .

He narrated to me, not once, how he went home last December only to find that the rogue neighbor had pushed the fence three meters into their piece of land and when he tried to ask why he was doing that, he was rebuked.

According to the colleague, his neighbor started this bad manners a few years ago but he couldn’t notice since he used not to monitor around his fence.

In the December incident, he confronted the man but he met resistance where the neighbor threatened him with a panga.

“Don’t try to talk about the fence. Go back to Mombasa or you will lose your head,” he told him as he retreated.

I asked my colleague if he had tried to engage village elders and the local chief but said he has done that several times but until today he had not been assisted.

That his hostile neighbor uses influence, money and threats to silence anyone who tries to cross his path.

I actually found this story very unconvincing until when one day I told him ‘we need to visit his home’ together to confirm what he was telling me.

We applied for a four days off duty and traveled to Western (his rural home) and guess what I saw was ‘madness ‘call it mindboggling!

His neighbor was eating into his land day in day out with a lot of reckless abandon. I told him at that rate he has to seek help from elsewhere.

I advised him to try the traditional approach where I referred him to Mugwenu Doctors who have history of reversing anything using their powers.

He called Mugwenu next day and had an appointment with him. The doctor did a lot to punish the neighbor who started begging him for forgiveness.

The neighbour kept crying and narrating to people how he could not spend his night well as he kept seeing huge wild animals following him in the sleep. He since stopped his nonsense.

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