Saturday, November 21, 2020 – Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Communication Director, Philip Etale, has dismissed claims by allies of Deputy President, William Ruto, that the second in command travelled to Dubai on Thursday, to celebrate the birthday of his wife, Rachael Ruto.

Ruto left the country on Thursday night and according to Etale, he went to Uganda and then flew out to Dubai, where he had an appointment with his doctors.

Etale, while engaging online with former State House blogger, Dennis Itumbi, revealed that Ruto is scheduled to see a doctor in a top hospital in Dubai. 

He further suggested that the birthday celebration is just but an excuse to divert attention.

“Dear Itumbi, after what is purported to be a birthday treat, someone will go to a top hospital tomorrow for his appointment with the doctor and then atapewa sindano Kiupolee. End of the story,” Etale wrote on his Twitter page on Friday.


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