Saturday, November 7, 2020 – Nyeri Town MP, Ngunjiri Wambugu, has slammed Major (Rtd) John Seii for claiming that the final Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report was altered without the knowledge of the members of the taskforce.

Seii, who was having an interview with one of the local radio stations on Thursday, said taskforce members were pressured to append their signatures to the report whose contents they had not read.

However, Ngunjiri has dismissed Seii’s allegations and linked Deputy President William Ruto to the conundrum.

“The allegations are very unfortunate and suspicious and can only be linked to his affiliation with William Ruto, who has also voiced his concerns about the same,” he said. 

The Kieleweke MP wondered why Seii could not resign before the report was released if he was honest and speaking the truth.

“Otherwise he could have refused to sign,” he said.


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