Wednesday, November 18, 2020 – Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) Director-General, Mohammed Badi, has rendered Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s Cabinet useless after taking over running of the county affairs.

Members of the Nairobi County Executive Committee (CECs) have been pushed to the periphery, struggling to find a footing.

While some junior workers were transferred from the county government to NMS, a large portion of the senior officers were seconded from the National Government. 

According to an NMS communications officer, the agency hired Directors to take over functions previously held by Governor Sonko’s Cabinet, thus rendering them redundant

Speaking on the issue, one of Sonko’s CEC revealed that since his functions were transferred to the NMS, he was left performing general administrative duties. 

“There is nothing,” he responded to a query about what projects he has been supervising, adding that he has only been enjoying personal relationships with some of the staff he used to deal with since NMS had taken over their professional needs. 

He intimated that Governor Sonko last called for a Cabinet meeting two months ago, and did not usually follow any schedule. 

The CEC’s colleague also stated that NMS had pushed them to the periphery and collaboration was almost non-existent. 

“I supervise those projects we launched before the agency came into the picture but I do it alone,” he stated.

In July, Governor Sonko vowed to continue implementing his manifesto, which included projects he had already commissioned before Badi’s appointment.

Nairobi County Director of Communications explained that the CECs’ would only lose their jobs if fired by Sonko and thus were still earning their hefty pay.


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