Sunday, November 1, 2020 – Nyeri Town MP, Ngunjiri Wambugu, has slammed Deputy President William Ruto after Nyeri residents refused to be addressed by him during the DP’s rally at his constituency.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Ngunjiri, who is among Kieleweke MPs opposed to Ruto’s presidential bid in 2022, said it was clear that the DP was trying to bully him into joining his Tanga Tanga faction by turning his Nyeri people against him.

The lawmaker said the kind of humiliation he underwent during Ruto’s rally in Nyeri town was a message to other Kieleweke MPs that the DP might do the same thing if they fail to join his 2022 presidential team.

DP Ruto’s political mobilization against me in Nyeri is a message to pro-Uhuru/Kieleweke MPs that he can do the same to them if they don’t join his 2022 team. 

“He’s trying to bully us into submission. Should we submit?” Ngunjiri posed.


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