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A woman who was a mpango wa kando to a certain married man shocked a Facebook group after narrating how she got stuck to the man while having sex with him in the hotel. We always here these stories and sometimes we do not believe them but this time round, a woman who experienced it first hand narrated her experience to the members of the Facebook group in a post that has since gone viral.

She said she was having an affair with the married man for a year behind the man’s wife back. The wife had tried sending the mpango wa kando messages where she warned her to stay away from her husband but the woman did not heed to the messages. She continued sleeping with the married man every day in a hotel.

Last week, as usual, the woman and the married man met in the hotel to have their sexual escapades. They started having sex and in a matter of minutes, the married man could not remove his manhood from her nunu. She said they both started screaming due to the shock and pain. They could not have sex and they could not move from each other. Everyone in the hotel came to see them and everyone laughed at them.

“I was so humiliated that I started crying,” the woman said. While the whole commotion was happening, the wife to the man came into the hotel and found them glued to their private parts. They were so startled. She started scolding them for their adulterous behaviour. It was such an embarrassment and she even wondered how she would get unstuck to the man and run away from that scene.

It was then that man’s wife called a traditional doctor by the Doctor Mugwenu and told him that his spell of getting stuck had worked. The doctor also came to the hotel. He told the man and the mpango wa kando not to have sex again because his spell would always glue them together. He further reversed the spell he had done and the woman got unstuck to the man. Since then, the man has never been unfaithful to his wife because he fears the consequences.

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