Saturday, November 14, 2020 – Kenyan artist Mejja has revealed that he turned down an offer from WCB after they asked him to work with them.

Revealing this during an interview, Mejja said a member from the Wasafi crew, Tuva, sent him a message through his Instagram page requesting for a collabo.

However, he turned him down because he felt that the way he requested was disrespectful.

He felt that the artist thought that he was doing him a favor by giving him a chance to work with them but that was not the case because both of them were going to benefit from the collabo.

Juzi nilipigiwa simu na Tuva juu nilikataa kufanya ngoma na watu wa Wasafi… lakini nilifeel tu kama whoever aliniapproach Instagram alikuja na aspect that ananifanyia favour,’ said Mejja.


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